Kimberly Wolf, M.Ed. founded Girlmentum Media to support girls’ mental and physical well-being. Our projects combine entertainment, education, and technology to help young women find the information and tools they need to make grounded decisions, develop healthy habits, and live happier, balanced lives.


Girlmentum has worked with leading teen brands to create impactful wellness content for girls. We're currently designing our own, next-generation platform for young women in search of answers related to relationships, happiness, sexual health, periods, healthy beauty, and more. Girls will be able to access it anywhere, on their own time, and in private. Our content will not only provide girls with the information they want, it will expose them to new concepts, viewpoints, and ideas that they need in order to be informed ... and to know themselves.


During adolescence, girls face physical developments, new responsibilities, and increasingly complex platonic and romantic relationships. During these transitions, questions arise for girls on a variety of sensitive topics related to well-being. Stress relief, sexual health, and weight management are among many of these challenging issues.

Often hesitant to speak with knowledgeable adults and unaware of or lacking access to other trustworthy resources, girls look to the mass media for answers or social cues. However, much of the media they consume provides incomplete or inaccurate information. Resulting misperceptions about personal care can be detrimental to girls’ health and wellness.

At Girlmentum Media, we believe there is a way to provide girls the right information and tools in innovative, accessible, and exciting ways.

For Parents

We know strong relationships with parents are essential to girls’ well-being. The Planet Daughter newsletter, for fathers of preteen and teenage girls, is our first resource for parents. The fathers we know feel particularly disconnected as their daughters enter the adolescent years. Planet Daughter contains research, news, and expert perspectives to help dads understand, support, and communicate with their daughters through the complex changes of middle school and high school.

meet the team.


Kimberly Wolf, M.Ed., Founder & Chief Education Officer

Kimberly Wolf, M.Ed. has dedicated her studies and career to supporting girls’ health, well-being, and education on- and offline. Her dynamic professional experience in cause media, education, and public health, gives her particular insight into finding, creating, and communicating engaging information to teen girls.

Kimberly graduated from Brown University, where her senior thesis exploring the history and evolution of sexual health content in girls’ magazines earned honors in Women’s Studies. She also holds a master’s degree in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she studied adolescent health communication. She is a national speaker, and she has been quoted in publications including CNN.com, WebMD and Health.com.


Dr. Amy Herold, OB/GYN & Medical Director

Dr. Herold received her undergraduate degree in French from the University of Utah before earning a combined MD/MBA from St. Louis University where she graduated with honors.

She has a special interest in women's health and adolescent medicine which fueled her desire to go into the field of Gynecology. While in practice after her residency, she was also the medical director for the Lotus Collaborative, an outpatient eating disorder program. She is now a hospital-based physician at two Northern California facilities.


Veronica Cortez, Operations Strategist

Veronica Cortez has never been able to ignore her entrepreneurial streak, her love of team leadership, or her passion for making visions into realities. With experience working as a COO, Community Manager, Consultant, and Executive Assistant at numerous Silicon Valley startups, Veronica has assisted in building numerous organizations from the ground up.

he has helped guide ideas from napkin drawings to working prototypes, and she has grown and managed online communities of thousands. She is excited to help a new generation of girls become healthy, centered, empowered women.


Jayni Chase, Advisor

Jayni Chase is a tireless advocate for conserving and protecting our natural resources. Acting on the belief that positive environmental change must begin with the education of our children, Jayni founded the Center for Environmental Education in 1988.

She compiled the resources and materials necessary to build strong environmental education in our nation’s K-12 schools. She is author of Blueprint for a Green School. Currently, Jayni is the Founding Chair of the GREEN Community Schools Initiative, creating model green schools in cities across the country.


Jon Funk, Advisor

Jon is a veteran Los Angeles venture capitalist and a founding Partner in a new southern California early stage venture capital firm currently in formation. He's directed first-round investments in numerous southern California startups which collectively have created $1.8 billion in value for investors, including first round venture capital investments in LA-area successes Sandpiper Networks (acquired for $630 million), Shopzilla (acquired for $560M), and Rent.com (acquired for $430m).

Jon is a Lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and the UC Santa Barbara Technology Management Program, and serves on several academic and community Boards. He was inducted into the Los Angeles Venture Association Hall of Fame in 2012, is a devoted Cal alum, and a proud Michigan and Penn parent.


Blake Gurfein, Ph.D, Advisor

Dr. Gurfein is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco, where he is a faculty member at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and the Division of Experimental Medicine. Dr. Gurfein is also the Chief Science Officer of Rio Grande Neurosciences, a neurotechnology company based in San Francisco, CA. As a neuroscientist and medical researcher, Dr. Gurfein is interested in the ways in which behavior, such as diet, exercise, sleep, and meditation, can affect both mental and physical health.

Beyond his work in the laboratory, Dr. Gurfein is outspoken about the importance of ongoing health education for young people, especially in light of the many new studies that are enhancing our understanding of nutrition, exercise, psychology, and other key components of comprehensive wellness. He believes that making the latest research accessible to an informed youth will serve to positively impact their choices and health behaviors.


Julie Henley, Advisor

Julie Henley is an early stage start-up specialist. She’s built teams, overseen systems, understands media and gets scale.

Her past companies include Demand Media, IAC, Rent.com and eToys. Currently, she serves as an advisor and consultant to a number of early stage companies, ShimmerTeen being one of them.


Dr. Darlene Mininni, Advisor

Darlene Mininni, PhD, MPH is the author of The Emotional Toolkit and creator of the UCLA undergraduate wellbeing course LifeSkills. Darlene focuses on helping people answer the question, “How can I thrive?” Using her background in clinical psychology and health promotion, she teaches, and designs programs on emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing.

With an interest in media’s power to inspire and enlighten, Darlene hosted The Emotional Toolkit Series on XM radio and The Dr. Darlene Mininni Show for Clear Channel in Los Angeles. She is a contributor to the Huffington Post and maintains a private mentoring practice dedicated to supporting women’s wellbeing.


Jess Weiner, Advisor

Jess Weiner is an entrepreneur who over 18 years ago turned her passion into a profession and became an author and consultant specializing in women, girls, and media.

Now, she’s President of Talk to Jess, a creative development and consulting company whose focus is to work within branded entertainment to cultivate positive messages targeted toward women and girls.

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